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Friday, September 16, 2011

This Knowledgebase Tool Will Help You Claim Your Keywords|Claim your Keywords.

You have been constantly googling on the web for the information as you want to see some rise in your personal life and business. Is that ? Most common complaint comes free just like the fats with junkies while googling the things ok you are not going to get overweight with information overload. :) , Let’s face you are not going to reduce single pound either.

Every day you have been bombarded with information, tips, tricks, hacks, tutorials and what not.
Aren’t you ?

You might be suffering from the hundreds of sick and unorganized bookmarks, bulk of fat pdfs mostly virgin, untouched and unread, you might have collection of videos laying on your hard drive and eating the space and what about those scratchpads with information playing with dust ?

You have enough possibilities of losing some of your important and may be profitable lessons you have learn through all this stuffs and you forgot to put it on paper.
Take time to analyze how much time you spent looking for the particular information to get the things at your fingertips before it vaporize for nothing.

If you are one of those who are passionate about learning something every day with every moment and particularly on the internet, it is hard to keep the track of all the knowledge.

Just imagine the worth of your knowledge that you have or you just lose. 

Recently I came across to the simplest idea and concept of social networking something I have ever seen.

Want to create your own personal knowledge base ?  Welcome to

A little bit like twitter if you can play around and categorize and archive your posts for the life time or something like that.


Just like the other social networks you can keep your posts private or make them available for public and share them with the world and any user is allowed to comment on shared posts.

Once you get your slice of your information, all you can do is simply post it, tag it, categorize it and it’s all stored for the future and you can retrieve it whenever you need it.

The good thing is spamming and self promotion is not allowed to the data publically shared either you have to keep it private or get it deleted.

You can learn and enhance your knowledge base by taking advantage of public posts shared by other users.

However Pagellan has an advertising modal advertiser can exclusively sponsor keyword tags in this system. You can have advantage of exclusive backlinks and 250x250 advertising space on the tag result page.

That is the smart move.

As you can imagine, people are rushing to claim the most popular tags first and get their targeted backlink on the site.

You can learn all about Pagellan at:

Check it and register free today.  At the very least it's a great bookmark as the knowledge base continue to grows daily.

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