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Jay Vasavada
He is the one who brought a set of
SMS on print for the first time in world, In his maiden publication venture.

He has written more than 1100 articles completely unmatched. Superb with descriptions and words.

Articles on subjects like science, international politics, youth trends, women empowerment,
environment, economy, culture, religion, art,education,cinema, personality profiles, philosophy, management, world literature and human relationship so on and on....

He has researched in depth reviews/ profiles of many movies/ celebrities.

He owns huge personal collection of More than 9,000 books, 12,000 magazines, 6,000 cassettes/CD’s/DVD’s.

He has seen over 5000 Hollywood and Bollywood films which shows his interest and creativity for the silver screen.

No one else can do it better then JAY VASAVADA known as JV.Most popular young authors in Gujarati print media today.

He is number one in regional readership with – more then 6.5 million since last 11 years.

List of books written by Jay Vasavada (JV) :

* Spectrometer(A series of 4 books, a compilation of these articles)(2001)

* Mahiti ane Manoranjan (માહિત અને મનોરંજન)
* Yuvahava ( યુવા હવા )
* Aah Hindustan Oh Hindustan (આહ હિન્દુસ્તાન ઓહ હિન્દુસ્તાન)
* Sahitya ane Cinema (સાહિત્ય અને સીનેમા)

* Anavrut (A series of 15 compilations)(on the stalls by the end of 2008)
* Book on Lord Krishna
* Love poems
* Film Star’s quotes

Most interesting thing about him is he did not attended school till the age of SEVEN but till then he was educated at home by parents.
He had to face failure while his Higher Secondary Exams in Science stream then he changed his Stream to Commerce.

You can READ his articles published in :

Gujarat Samachar (Gujarati News paper)
Gujarati Mid-Day of Mumbai (General Knowledge Column)
Gujarat(government periodical of Government of Gujarat)
Times of India

He has largest online fan community for any Gujarati media celebrity on most famous social networking site Facebook.

Official Blog by Jay Vasavada  : //

Check out his Books.

Yuva Hawa
JSK: Jai Shree Krishna (Gujarati)
Jai Ho! (Gujarati)
Vacation Station (Gujarati)


wonderful job done by u....put more and more in4mation abt i will always wait for ur updates..thanku so much dost

oh.., today only i got chance 2 c Mr.jay... even i'm also one of d fans of him. really i git 2 have dis much info about him only @ ur blog. thanx.
nice post yar....
keep it up.

hi,j.v. i'm yr big frnd .i like your every article which was written in guj.samachar.specially tango dance,rab ne banadi jodi,about michal jackson etc.every wednesday and sunday i will wait for yr you

hii!!!!!! i m a huge fan of yours nd i read your articles regularly as it is food for my soul!!
thanx a lot for being such a great writer!!

Hey thank you so much for your comments but i would like to request you that you put your name at least along with your comment.

Thank You.
Dhaval Vyas.

me and my hubby are all time big fan of JV, but new to blogging. can som1 help us to get to his blogs or where we can read him online

Hey friends, JV is just fanatastic, we all are lucky that we can read him,I have met him once, I call him SIR,to reade/listen him is the opportunity for me, He is just Great, God gifted man............

No Navin as far as i know JV has no blog.
but u can catch him on social network sites like orkut and facebook..

Just go to facebook and search for Jay Vasavada and you will get him..

Hey here i am bit late but News from the center is JV s got the BLOG RUNNING since June 2011. It means now you can read him Online.

I dont know whether Jay reads all these comments but I would like to congratulate him for all the articles especially Ranjhana. The way he has written, gathered information used adjectives analysing of movie the way he has done is simply wonderful.

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