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Thursday, May 7, 2009

Wellness Revolution of New Era

Wllness News

As we all know "HEALTH IS WEALTH", so i just thought that let me put some word on it..

just want to share some general information that you might B aware of. Herbal supplements, normally in the form of pills, can be used to cleanse your body.

By increasing the level of antioxidants,certain vitamins and minerals we can have an effect on the way your body functions. This change can include the more efficient excretion of toxins. It becomes a fairly tricky business when you alter the basic chemistry of your body so before embarking on a journey of this nature be sure to have a complete understanding of the entire process.

Your doctor, not just the Internet, should help guide you to whatever plan of action you choose.

When it comes to skin care products, you can't really believe what have been said in the advertising or promotional package.

The debate as to whether products containing all natural ingredients are better than those containing synthetic ingredients still rages on. We constantly witness companies battling each other by publishing testimonials and marketing campaigns claiming that they have the best products. It is the consumers who often find themselves lost in the midst of the battle and never-ending marketing messages.

Include at least 1 tbsp a day of the following cold pressed and unheated vegetable oils on salads or vegetables: flax,
walnut, pumpkin seed, olive oil or 1 tbsp of a balanced blend of oils. Vary the oils you use rather than using one

Small amounts of nuts and seeds can be eaten instead but too many can hinder the detoxification effect.
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In case of having fine air, curly air, shining air one can one follow the easy directions in cutting and trimming to make them look beautiful. By applying the sunscreen of good brand can protect the skin from tan. The chemical free sunscreen lotions protect the skin from ultraviolet rays, which damages the skin. Frequent face wash is highly suggested to avoid the dust, pimples and bacteria.

You can make your skin glow with the easy steps that can be followed at home like regular wash
face before and after bed, Applying the low chemical creams before leaving out that protects the skin from sun tan.

The intake of fruit juices and vegetable juices like orange, apple, carrot, beetroot and other fruits makes your skin shine and healthy.

Always pat your piercings dry with cotton balls, cotton swabs or tissues –- don’t rub them, pat them. This reduces irritation and possible tearing of the skin and helps promote healing. Although it seems to be a minor step, keeping your piercings dry is actually an essential part of piercing aftercare because it reduces the opportunities for bacteria to breed (they love a warm, moist place to play).

Pay proper attention to your nutrition. There are certain foods which don't go well with acne to a certain extent.

Consuming excessive alcohol, coffee, chocolate, oily and greasy foods, processed foods and saturated fats are noTop Food Suppliment Brandst recommended.
They can worsen your acne or delay the healing process.

If you follow a healthy diet, you prevent acne from degenerating and you accelerate your acne curing therapy.

Drink lots of water daily, at least 8 glasses to flush out toxins from your body. Toxins can trigger acne.


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